“The financial advisor who got you to retirement, may not be the best one to get you through it." 
Glenn Ruffenach, Smart Money, WSJ 

We are retirement specialists.

We help retirees and pre-retirees preserve, grow, and protect their life savings from market risk, taxation, or debilitating illness. We coach our clients in the maximization of their Social Security, pension, and lifetime income streams, so they will never run out of money.

Safe Money Strategies

Picture1.jpgWe specialize in guaranteed solutions in three key areas:

Accumulation: We achieve reasonable rates of return, without stock market risk, using tax-advantaged strategies. Our clients don’t lose money.

Income: We design guaranteed lifetime income solutions, specific to your goals. Your checks keep coming, even after your accounts have been depleted, regardless of how long you or your spouse live.

Legacy: We design guaranteed legacy bequests, either to your heirs or your charities, often doubling or tripling your assets, at your passing. 


Long Term Care Planning 

Statistically, the likelihood of an American making a claim against their homeowner's insurance is only 2.6% - and only 18% against their auto insurance. We pay these premiums as an accepted part of our everyday lives, but many Americans are hesitant to purchase insurance to provide long-term care in the event of a chronic or critical illness. 

Did you know that you have a 72% chance of becoming unable to perform at least 2 of the basic activities of daily living, such as eating, dressing or bathing after the age of 65? 

It is now commonplace for a man or woman to suffer a debilitating stroke at 68, and live into their 80s. A circumstance such as this can deplete an entire lifetime of savings, leaving the healthy surviving spouse dependent on Medicaid in later years. 

Traditional Long Term Care policies have historically been expensive to own. But you might not know that there are new affordable life insurance platforms available (either hybrid policies or policies with riders) that can help you be better prepared for a chronic or critical illness event.

If you would like to learn more, Sherry Simoneau, our Long Term Care specialist, teaches free Long Term Care classes at our office.  Check out our classroom page to get the dates for her next class, or give us a call at 603-595-4990 to speak with Sherry.  

We look forward to assisting you in the important decision that will insure your retirement against the single biggest threat it faces: impoverishment due to a combination of sudden, devastating illness, and an ever-longer life expectancy. Give us a call today!