Since our incorporation in 1999, we have never lost our clients’ money in the stock market because we don't expose our clients to market risk in the first place

Let us repeat that…we have never lost our clients’ money. It’s not a statement many can say, and it’s not one we make lightly.

You may ask, “Well, what about 2008, when everyone was losing money?”

One more time… we have never lost our clients’ money. Our clients recieve market-linked interest credits during gain years, and retain their values (principal and interest) amid losing years.

Safe Money Management means protecting gains without losing them. It involves insured savings platforms that credit market-linked interest during good years and retain every dime of those gains during bad years. Over time, this provides clients with modest growth amid a growing economy, and principal protection amid years of economic decline and volatility.

It means you can sleep well at night.

Girl running to grandfatherWe believe in the fundamentals at Senior Financial Resources. We understand that exotic mutual funds and aggressive stock trading strays from a basic understanding of what a retiree looks for in retirement. Our savings strategies have a track record of success based on conservative and careful planning, one based on an individual understanding of a client’s needs and goals.

Senior Financial Resources cannot claim that our strategies will be the most rewarding or the highest yielding for our clients. In a boom year, our annuities provide stable growth that will likely not out-perform the latest Wall Street rally. However, in uncertain times, the security of a safe platform will be much appreciated when that same market is declining yet again.

Please feel free to contact us for more information about our results. We are happy to go into detail about our services, our track record, and provide the testimony of Client Family members who are happy to share their experience with you.




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