Commonly Asked Questions About Working With Us

What do you do?

We help New Englanders over age 50 rescue an age-appropriate amount of their assets from risk in the market or low returns, into guaranteed vehicles offering reasonable rates of return.

We also advocate other strategies, such as long-term care planning, wealth transfer maximization, charitable gifting strategies, pension and Social Security maximization, and much more.

How do your clients not lose money?

Quite simply, we only use vehicles in which we can guarantee our clients that their nest egg will grow without risk of loss.

How do I know I can trust you?

That’s a great question. If you have been referred to us by a trusted friend or family member, they will assure you that we deliver everything that we promise, and that we take the greatest care in protecting your privacy and your retirement savings.

Beyond that, we are a long-time member of the National Ethics Association and we have a flawless A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (and even received their Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics in 2010.)

Additionally, we have a list of several Client Family members who are always willing to speak with you about their experience with us. We take pride in the many guaranteed solutions we offer.

Do you charge fees? (How are you paid?)

We do not charge fees. The companies we do business with, who have proven themselves repeatedly over the last 27 years, pay us out of their assets, not out of yours. In other words, 100% of the money you are trying to protect goes to work for you right away.

Can I get some advice over the phone?

It would be irresponsible for us to give advice over the phone to someone we have never met and know nothing about.

Remember: We are relational, not transactional, meaning that the trust relationship we build with you is our first priority, and ensuring that we are a mutual “great fit” for each other is of utmost importance. That can only be done through face to face meetings.

To make recommendations, we must first understand your complete financial picture. An in-depth initial (free) consultation can take up to two hours, after which we can present our recommendations at a second meeting.

Will you come to my home?

We rarely hold meetings in someone’s home, because we prefer to use the many resources we have at our disposal in our office. Our goal is to first educate you—from multiple media sources—all of which are readily available at our office.

What companies do you use?

We are an independent insurance firm, which means we may elect to work with any company that we choose. After nearly three decades of ongoing due diligence and vetting, we have chosen to do business with about twenty of the most highly rated companies today. We do not list them here because we do not know (until we sit down with you) which of these companies have a solution that is most appropriate for you.

Do you have a company minimum for someone to become a client?

While many local stockbrokers and advisors require a minimum of $250,000-$1M, our company minimum is $100,000—though we make exception for those who are referred to us through current Client Family members.