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The Safe Money Hour with Thom Brueckner: Global Bonds Lose $1.7 Trillion In November

Posted by Thom Brueckner on Sat, Dec 3, 2016 @ 12:12 PM

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While world equity markets are up $635 billion since the election, did you know that bond markets throughout the world have crashed by over 1.7 trillion?  This “bloodbath” is the worst since the Bond Crash of 1981, and has many conservative investors worried.  Many are about to receive their month-end statements for November, anticipating significant gains in light of the news they’ve heard about the Dow being up over 700 points in 3½ weeks, unaware that the bond funds their advisor also has them in are likely to have lost significantly.

I address this and the other consequences of a Trump presidency, along with the new U.S. jobs numbers and events in Europe—as well as the revised forecasts of those who have called the last two major declines almost to a percentage point with uncanny accuracy.  While Friday's show will re-air on Monday morning at 9:00 on WFEA 1370 AM and 99.9 FM, you can always listen to the podcast of the entire show online 24/7 by clicking the WFEA logo below:



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