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Welcome to Senior Financial Resources. Your choice for wealth advisors in New Hampshire providing wealth management services and retirement plans. 

What We Do
Senior Financial Resources assists New Hampshire retirees, pre and post, with wealth transfer planning, long-term care planning and "safe money."

Looking for safe money strategies? We can advise you on wealth transfer and long term care insurance and much more to prepare you for what's next.

The Client Experience
Our clients are what is most important and what is most important for our clients is safe investments. Save for retirement by tapping into our resources.

Senior Financial Resources can help you with strategies for planning retirement at any stage of life.

Join us at our retirement planning seminars. Expand your financial planning education and answer the question, what is wealth management?

New Hampshire retirees who need financial rescue services and financial planning help should contact SFR. We offer the best financial planning help in NH.

Who We Are
Safe Money. That is what we are about. We are one of the top NH wealth management firms offering senior financial planning for NH retirees.

The Team
Meet the team at SFR. Led by Thomas Brueckner, our retirement planning and wealth strategies provide the safe money solutions that our clients need.

Senior Financial Resources has strategic memberships that allow us to leverage our expertise for the NH retirement community.

It's not about the awards, but what they stand for. We are retirement planning specialists and senior financial advisors and our awards validate that.

The SFR mission is simple. We are a wealth management company with expert retirement advisors to help NH residents grow their retirement income.

Ethics Pledge
We wouldn't be who we are without our ethics pledge and we wouldn't be able to provide asset and wealth management or financial planning for seniors without it.

Learning Center
Looking for financial planning tips? We have many educational resources on saving for retirement and financial rescue. Rely on Senior Financial Resources NH.

Thom's Articles
Looking for retirement planning articles? Thom Brueckner writes the most informative financial planning articles available for pre and post retirees. 

Media Coverage - SFR
Trying to plan for retirement? We can help. Learn more about Senior Financial Resources in Nashua, NH. Check out what the media has to say about our services.

Media Coverage - Investments
New Hampshire retirement income strategies and retirement knowledge to assist NH residents heading into retirement. Check out our media coverage on investments.

Safe Money Hour Radio Show
Learn from the expert Thom Brueckner on "The Safe Money Show".  Thom is a nationally renowned retirement advisor.

The Mature Investor
Check out the mature investor for the most current retirement strategies, retirement advice and retirement planning tips, provided by expert financial advisors.

SFR Classroom
The Senior Financial Resources classroom answers your questions about how to save for retirement and provides the best retirement planning information.

Investment Resources
Take advantage of our senior financial investment resources at SFR. We have retirement planning resources that can benefit all New Hampshire residents.

Continuing Education Classes
If you live near Nashua, NH, you can join our continuing education classes on estate planning strategies and retirement programs. Plan your retirement savings.

Contact Us
Contact Senior Financial Resources in Nashua, NH for retirement planning services and securing your retirement. We can help with your retirement planning needs.