Thom's Articles

We want the world to know what is going on – financially and geo-politically—so that people understand how these events affect their finances. We are not afraid to be honest and frank in our assessments; to do otherwise is a disservice to those that rely on us. From financial planning articles to in-depth analysis of world economic and political events, Thom Brueckner has a lot to say, and a lot to share.

The following are a selection of articles that Thom has authored, for a variety of publications:

  • 6 things 2013 should have taught us about the financial markets, but didn’t
    Published: Feb 2014 in NHBR | PDFPDF file download
  • Stopping the losses before retirement
    Published: 2013 in NHBR | PDFPDF file download
  • FIAs Pay Interest Tied to Stocks Without the Risk
    Published: 2013 | PDFPDF file download
  • The "Great Divide" Debate Continues
    Published: June 2011 | PDFDownload PDF file
  • Rebutting Senseless Views on Indexed Annuities
    Published: November 2009 | PDFPDF file download
  • 16 Reasons Your CPA Prefers Index Annuities
    Published: 2005 | PDFDownload PDF file
  • Live Free But Don’t Die In NH
    Published: 2000 | PDFDownload PDF file

Thom’s Industry Column

Thom wrote a monthly column on practice management for two years in Senior Market Advisor magazine, now Retirement Advisor, mentoring other advisors in corporate values, goal-setting, hiring, branding, marketing, community service, and even choice of specialty.  Many of our former prospects (now clients) have appreciated the values that these thoughts demonstrate, so we’ve left them to enable future prospects to better get to know us.  Enjoy!

  • The "New World" of Marketing
    October2013 PDFPDF file download
  • Protecting Your Brand in the Age of the Internet
    September 2013 PDFPDF file download
  • How to Avoid Problem Clients
    August 2013 PDFPDF file download
  • Opposites Don't Attract
    July 2013 PDFPDF file download
  • Attracting Business vs. Pursuing It
    June 2013 PDFPDF file download
  • What Does Your Website Say About You?
    May 2013 PDFPDF file download
  • Managing Client Relationships
    April 2013 PDFPDF file download
  • Choosing A Carrier/IMO/B-D
    March 2013 | PDFPDF file download
  • Choices Have Consequences
    February 2013PDFPDF file download
  • Respecting Your Prospect's Marital Privacy
    January 2013PDFPDF file download
  • Appointment Flow Marketing
    December 2012PDFPDF file download
  • The Home Field Advantage
    November 2012PDFPDF file download
  • Setting the Table
    October 2012PDFPDF file download
  • The Road Warrior Handicap
    September 2012PDFPDF file download
  • Choosing Your Specialty
    August 2012PDFPDF file download
  • Branding Your Practice
    July 2012 PDFPDF file download
  • Hiring for Excellence and Growth
    June 2012 PDFPDF file download
  • Build a Great Staff with Incentives
    May 2012 PDFPDF file download
  • The Importance of Mission Buy-in by Staff and Clients
    April 2012 PDFPDF file download
  • Your Mission Begins with a Statement
    March 2012 PDFPDF file download
  • Client Family or Database?
    February 2012 PDFPDF file download
  • Are You Transactional, or Relational?
    January 2012 PDFPDF file download
  • Are You in the Business­, or the Profession?
    December 2011 PDFPDF file download