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The Safe Money Hour with Thom Brueckner” is our weekly radio program covering the financial markets, the economy, politics, current events, and government policy, as they impact the financial needs of New England retirees over the age of 50. 

“The Safe Money Hour with Thom Brueckner” show can be heard each Friday at 9:00 a.m. on WFEA 1370-AM, the sister station of WZID in Manchester.



Here are some highlights from previous radio shows, which we have archived here for your convenience:

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What Does "Irrational Exhuberance" Look Like Today?
A Forbes piece is discussed on the topic of a loss of momentum in the stock market. Euro unemployment and the new face of "irrational exhuberance" are also examined. Aired May 17, 2013 (07:38)

MIPS Are the New BRICs?
Sharing of Scott Minerd's take on emerging markets. Also, the second of two impactful events next year: the German election. Aired May 17, 2013 (04:53)

The Impact of Obamacare on Finances - Now and Next Year
Thom discusses the first of two events in the coming year that will very likely have a strong impact on the stock market. Aired May 17, 2013 (05:11)

Profitless Rally: Stocks Are Heading for a Slowdown
Analysis and insight regarding a CNBC article that speaks about a market slowdown. Aired May 17, 2013 (02:35)

Recent Market Highs - and You, In Real Life
Discussion of the recent market highs, the most recent unemployment figures, construction and home sales numbers - and what they mean logically for you. Aired May 17, 2013 (03:10)

Who is Jeremy Grantham?
Insights from Jeremy Grantham, and why we might want to listen to him. Also why recent Q1 US GDP growth numbers might be very deceiving. Aired Apr. 26, 2013 (06:20)

What Events in Cyprus Mean to European - and American - Markets
How our own markets have reacted to the recent events in Cyprus, with a related article from Reuters also discussed. Aired Apr. 26, 2013 (07:11)

"Cyprus is the First Domino"
Making sense of what happened in Cyprus and the EU with debt payments and bank closures. Discussion of why global confidence in banking is a central issue. Aired Apr. 26, 2013 (06:53)

Economic Growth in the Arctic Leading the Globe?
How emerging market nations and the Arctic region are making an impact. Also, Scott Minerd's response on a related question regarding Cyprus posed by Thom. Aired Apr. 26, 2013 (01:50)

What Scott Minerd of Guggenheim Revealed at an Industry Conference
Scott shared his long-view and his 1-year forecast on the markets and their volatility. Thom recently spoke with Scott at an industry conference, and relays Scott's insights Aired Apr. 26, 2013 (11:42)

What Tax Avoidance by Corporations Means
Discussion on the statement, "Bankrupt countries are coming after investors" and how this can affect the average person. Aired Mar. 29, 2013 (05:28)

What Is Making Scott Minerd of Guggenheim Say, "This is Staggering"
Thom relays insight from a recent industry conference with Scott Minerd, and what Scott states is "unprecedented" and what entails "Cyprus as a Pandora's Box." Aired Mar. 29, 2013 (04:20)

Europe On the "Slippery Slope" - Poised to Collapse?
Commentary article from London states "After Cyprus, eurozone will slip into a depression." Discussion of this, and basic explanation of "what is a banking system?" Aired Mar. 29, 2013 (07:56)

How Cyprus Impacts the Euro, and thus, the Dollar
The Bank of Cyprus' recent currency controls are discussed in relation to impact on the Euro and the US dollar. Aired Mar. 29, 2013 (05:00)

What the Top 30 Money Managers Are Telling Us
Discussion of CNN's recent survey of the top 30 money managers, and analysis of their answers. Also: the S&P's recent record high is discussed. Aired Mar. 29, 2013 (08:00)

Case Studies of Our Own Clients
Thom has four accounts of the solutions he talked about in the previous clip about. How are his and our clients' accounts doing since they began in 2001? Aired Mar. 01, 2013 (06:16)

What Are the Most Popular Solutions That We Implement?
How the tools that our clients choose most often work and function. Understanding the basics of the most popular choice. Aired Mar. 01, 2013 (07:58)

Tools to Solve the Retirement Income Problem
Data to help you know how long your retirement is likely to last, and why that figure might surprise you. Why this show is for "savers, not investors." Aired Mar. 01, 2013 (08:55)

"72 is the New [Age] 30"
Using math to know when you have an "unsustainable" retirement, and the things we see most often in our office. Aired Mar. 01, 2013 (05:35)

"Debunking the Myth of the 8% Return"
Comments from a MarketWatch piece about the mathematical issues with using a standardized 8% return. Also: Other issues when considering retirement Aired Mar. 01, 2013 (07:06)

To Those About to Retire, and Those Recently Retired
Why recent and soon-to-be retirees are sharing feelings of angst. Thom discusses a recent study detailing why those 75 and older are recently taking on more debt, uncharacteristically. Aired Mar. 01, 2013 (04:26)

A Fair Amount of Worry on Wall Street: "I'd Get Out Now"
Discussion of a Forbes piece where the author states about the market, "I'd get out now." Further analysis of short and long term predictions. Aired Feb. 15, 2013 (01:53)

What the 10-year Treasury Tells Us About Inflation
What the current rates of the ten year U.S. Treasury note indicates about imminent inflation. Aired Feb. 15, 2013 (03:20)

Why the Tripling of the Money Supply is Actually Deflationary
The difference between the electronic money supply and actual money printing. Aired Feb. 15, 2013 (05:34)

Bernanke's Credit Line at The Fed - Is It Inflationary?
Why everybody is marketing the purchase of gold, yet it's value is dropping. Also, what we can learn about inflation from Japan. Aired Feb. 15, 2013 (05:52)

"How Much Gold Should I Buy?"
Thoughts on the reality of gold, Doomsday Preppers, and the marketing of gold purchasing on TV & radio. Aired Feb. 15, 2013 (04:10)

Worrisome Signs That We're in for a Market Pullback
What corporate insiders are doing in their own investments. The last two times the market looked similar to what we see today. Aired Feb. 15, 2013 (04:51)

Gold Seems to be Stuck in a Slide
Why gold isn't rallying right now, and how the market's movements interact with gold. Aired Feb. 15, 2013 (05:25)

Why the Markets Have Been Rallying
A survey of 30 top money managers and investment strategists by CNN Money is discussed, including their market predictions for 2013. Aired Feb. 15, 2013 (02:30)

Why The Single Biggest Fallacy on Wall Street is Untrue
How do you keep up with inflation? And is inflation coming? What you'll hear Wall St. say next week and why. Aired Feb. 1, 2013 (05:17)

What Broker Dealers Tell Their Registered Reps to Tell You
Does you financial advisor subscribe to platitudes about sticking with your pre-set exposure to stocks? Thom (a former Registered Rep) gives you a look behind the Wall Street curtain. Aired Feb. 1, 2013 (08:51)

U.S. Ratings, the Debt Ceiling, and Goldman Sachs
Discussion of an item by Goldman Sachs entitled, "What Happens to Markets if the US is Downgraded Again." How the debt ceiling also impacts market forecasts. Aired Feb. 1, 2013 (02:12)

What the Fixed-Income Fund Manager of the Decade is Saying
Our Economy is shrinking for the 1st time since the recession ended. Bill Gross's thoughts on the future - and it isn't optimistic. Then, what Thom thinks about the volatility of the markets in 2013. Aired Feb. 1, 2013 (07:16)

Why This is All So Confusing to the Non-Financial Professional
What a dramatically slowing economy is really the result of. Why Bernanke has as much impact on the economy as a weatherman on the temperature. Aired Feb. 1, 2013 (04:51)

What the Nation's Independent Business Owners Tell Us
The National Federation of Independent Businesses says 37% of customers are paying invoices more slowly than 1 year ago - and what this indicates. Aired Feb. 1, 2013 (04:25)

What January's Unemployment Numbers Indicate
In-depth discussion of GDP, and how it's growth rates & measurement indicates our economic net worth as a nation. Also: What would be the official marker of a new recession? Aired Feb. 1, 2013 (04:57)

"Outlook for 2013 is Negative, Despite What Forecasters Tell You"
Gary Schilling correctly predicted the recession and the dot-com bubble - what is he saying about 2013? Aired Jan. 18, 2013 (03:47)

This is an Economic Conversation, Not a Political One
Wrapping our heads around what one trillion actually means. Why this is not a political conversation, but an economic one. Aired Jan. 18, 2013 (05:15)

To Whom Do We Owe &16.4 Trillion, Anyway?
Is the market rally sustainable? Are we up to our eyeballs in debt to China and Japan? Also: The unknown risk to your portfolio regarding treasury bonds. Aired Jan. 18, 2013(12:14)

Our Biggest Hurdle Yet: The Debt Ceiling
Why the debt ceiling debate is a far more serious hurdle than the fiscal cliff debate. Aired Jan. 18, 2013 (05:10)

Why the Stock Market is Going to Hit a Brick Wall
What "nosebleed territory" is in the stock market, and why mom-and-pop investors re-entering the market means you might want to get out.  Aired Jan. 18, 2013 (03:44)

Economic Realism and Market Correction Possibilities
With the markets rallying tentatively, are we near the peak of a severe correction? If the economy is growing at 2%, what is a realistic expectation for your portfolio? Aired Jan. 18, 2013 (03:55)

A Popular Solution to the Uncertain Market in 2013
Analysis of the odds you when you might want to get out of the market. Options for rolling over your 401(k) while still working! Aired Jan. 4, 2013 (02:47)

Predictions for the Market in 2013
Thom's forecast and analysis of the coming year. Also: the Bowles-Simpson Budget Plan, and why the Fed is "almost out of bullets." Aired Jan. 4, 2013 (07:31)

What Do the Stock Market and a Vegas Casino Have In Common?
When you're feeling lied to by our politicians, what can you do about it? Explanation of "irrational exuberance" in the markets. Aired Jan. 4, 2013 (04:11)

What are the Odds of a Significant Market Gain in 2013?
Analyzing how probable a significant positive return is for the markets in the coming year (and the information to support the analysis.) Aired Jan. 4, 2013 (02:36)

Using in the Knowledge of Warren Buffet's Mentor for Yourself
Yale University revisited a metric used by Warren Buffet's mentor. How the Schiller P&E is used to more accurately predict future returns. Aired Jan. 4, 2013 (03:22)

Are We Already in a Recession?
The important question that every older investor should be asking themselves. Discussion of a piece by Brett Arrends at the Wall Street Journal. Aired Jan. 4, 2013 (07:53)

The Same Treasury Actions as the 1930's?
Actions of the tresury are mirroring those of the 1930:s. Also: what unchanged unemployment numbers mean for investors. Aired Jan. 4, 2013 (01:34)

How Obamacare Will Impact Medicare in NH
Sharing a Forbes article which discusses the coming changes to Medicare in NH. Aired Nov. 9, 2012 (03:42)

The Mess in the European Union
What predicted negative growth and unemployment numbers in the EU mean for US markets and investors. Aired Nov. 9, 2012 (05:01)

How Small Business Owners Are Being Impacted Now
Why the resulting gridlock from the election may mean economic insanity; why there is "no fiscal honeymoon" for Obama. Aired Nov. 9, 2012 (08:17)

What Are Real-Time Indicators for Recessionary Measures?
Giving insight about a sound byte by a consultant to the top hedge fund managers, about the case for a 40% drop in the markets. Aired Nov. 9, 2012 (06:20)

How the Election Will Impact the Markets
Wall Street futures are still down. Discussion of how this will impact the coming year in the market and what the election results mean in terms of your portfolio. Aired Nov. 9, 2012 (08:14)

CD Yields and $9 Trillion Sitting on the Sidelines
Discussion of the investment-ready funds begging for yield with certainty - and where that is and isn't found Aired Oct. 26, 2012 (01:19)

Discussion of Weaker Global Demand Indicators
Analysis of data and indicators from UPS, Xerox, and other companies that support businesses Aired Oct. 26, 2012 (03:00)

Earnings Reports and Consumer Sentiment
Discussion of current consumer habits and their relation to corporate spending Aired Oct. 26, 2012 (02:47)

Economic Growth Slows
GDP numbers and explanation of how those figures are revised Aired Oct 26, 2012 (01:58)

Sitting On Unprecedented Demand For Yield
Stock market and free market capitalism versus the artificially induced market "sugar highs" Aired Oct. 19, 2012 (02:27)

General Electric CEO Jack Welch on Jobs
A discussion on former GE CEO Jack Welch's opinion on job numbers and what they really mean. Aired Oct. 12, 2012 (08:35)

Trouble in Europe
How Europe is avoiding its underlying problems and how it affects American investors. Aired Sept. 28, 2012 (10:22)

Nashua Veterans Count Club - Part 1
Interview with Nashua Veterans Count Club members Sy Mahfuz (Owner of Nashua's Persian Rug Gallery) and Major Mary Bergner (part 1). Aired Sept. 21, 2012 (14:05)

Nashua Veterans Count Club - Part 2
Interview with Nashua Veterans Count Club members Sy Mahfuz (Owner of Nashua's Persian Rug Gallery) and Major Mary Bergner (part 2). Aired Sept. 21, 2012 (26:18)

Nashua Veterans Count Club - Part 3
Interview with Nashua Veterans Count Club members Sy Mahfuz (Owner of Nashua's Persian Rug Gallery) and Major Mary Bergner (part 3). Aired Sept. 21, 2012 (5:11)

Bernanke and Quantative Easing 3 (QE3)
Fed's implementing of QE3 and how it is implemented. Aired Sept. 14, 2012 (9:00)

Recap and context of Libya uprising and how it personally affects Thom (part 1). (2:55)

Mortgage Backed Securities
What are Mortgage-backed securities and the root of US financial issues. Aired Sept. 14, 2012 (10:11)

European Central Bank (ECB) and Bond Policy
Thom discusses the effect of unlimited bond purchases. Aired Sept. 6, 2012 (3:00)

Fact-checking Joe Biden
Thom fact-checking VP Joe Biden's DNC speech and his claim that "General Motors is Alive." Aired Sept. 6, 2012 (5:54)

September Employment Numbers
The real reason why unemployment dropped in August. Aired Sept. 6, 2012(3:35)

Overview of Quantative Easing 3 (QE3)
Effects of QE3 (third round of quantitive easing) and its negative effects. Aired Aug. 4, 2012(4:06)

Death of Equities
A review of the job numbers in August 2012 and how that affects the current economy. Aired Aug. 4, 2012(6:25)

Obamacare & The Supreme Court
A review of the Supreme Court's ruling in regards to Obamacare. Aired Jun. 29, 2012 (8:35)

Retiree Risk - Part 1
The single biggest risk for retirees today (part 1) (8:25)

Retiree Risk - Part 2
The single biggest risk for retirees today (part 2) (17:58)

Survivorship Indexed Universal Life
The benefits of survivorship index universal life and how repositioning assets can save investors on taxes. (12:31)

Making Money From the IRS
How you can use the rules that the internal revenue service have in place to triple (or quadruple) compound your money. Aired Mar. 2, 2012 (9:49)

Understanding Market Cycles
A synopsis on how markets go in 17-year cycles, and why it could be worse three years from now than today. Aired Sept. 23, 2011 (4:35)

Estate Planning 101
Interview with Manchester attorney David Craig discussing common planning mistakes. (12:31)

Retirement Stream for Your Children
How to double or triple the assets you will leave to your children without market risk or tax implications. (12:38)

Legal Issues When Caring for a Sick Spouse
Interview with Manchester attorney David Craig. How to address caring for a sick spouse without draining your assets. (5:16)

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