“Checkmate!” It’s the word you say when you’ve won the game in chess. It’s also the name of the newsletter we’ve created. It has been so aptly named because our purpose is to help you “win the game” that is planning for a safe retirement.

CheckMate is the perfect companion to Senior Financial Resources’ Safe Money solutions. It provides a detailed overview of economic news and current event, an understanding on how overseas forces can affect our finances, and the little-known facts that can give you an edge in your understanding of the financial world.

A recent issue provided readers the following:

  • Analysis of economic indicators for the coming year, and what they might be telling us about the year to come
  • A discussion of what impacts inflation, and how to tell if increased inflation could be on the way
  • Overview of possible upcoming milestones in the market indices, and what that may mean for older investors who are in, or approaching, retirement

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