Media Coverage - SFR

Senior Financial Resources loves to get press; not because we like to read about ourselves, but because it shines more light on the platforms and services available to today’s retirees and pre-retirees. It reveals to potential clients the world of Safe Money strategies and the option of protecting your assets—and not keeping that money it’s taken decades to save wholly at risk.

The mature investor values balances safety, security, and growth in their plan for retirement, in a way that provides for themselves and their loved ones. It is my belief that, as we grow, so does the opportunities for our clients.

The following are some articles that have been written about our company and our team. We hope you enjoy reading them:

  • New Hampshire Magazine: Protecting Your Finances
    Published: February 2012 | PDFDownload PDF file
  • Winners honored at 9th NHBR Business Excellence Awards
    Published: November 4-17, 2011 | PDFDownload PDF file
  • Advisor of the Year
    Published: August 2011 | PDFDownload PDF file