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Since we are passionate about the solutions we provide our clients, we want the world to know about their benefits! We provide everyone, not just our clients, the opportunity to learn about safe-money strategies, and the opportunities these products provide.

From Thom’s weekly radio show on WFEA-AM 1370 (the sister station of 95.7 WZID), to our newsletter CheckMate; from links to various financial and investing sites, to video clips that go into the benefits of safe-money strategies, we provide free resources to our clients and all those looking for a better choice for their hard-earned money.

And, new in 2012, are two more resources:

  1. The Mature Investor blog – Not everyone is a “Mature Investor.” This person is someone that thinks about the future, and that of their heirs. This person understands that risk can undermine the savings for retirement they have worked so hard to cultivate. Thom and the SFR team  provide unique insight and easy-to-understand analysis.
  2. Continuing education classes – Senior Financial Resources will be going out into the community and educating people on the foundations of safe-money strategies. We explain retirement basics in plain English, so attendees can make informed retirement savings decisions.